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Highlights Two types of collection systems are used for collecting solar radiation, active and passive. The passive version, which also has the longest history, uses existing architectural structures to maximize collection, such as large windows on the eastern side of a building. The active variation uses other sources of energy to increase the effectiveness of the panels. These systems include solar cells and solar heating. With in the active variation there are subcategories. Focusing systems generally use mirrors to concentration the energy. Line focusing uses a trough or lines of mirrors to focus the light into a long line. Point focusing uses a dish to ‘move’ the light onto a central point where a collection center is.


Environmental Impact

Comparison of Power Plants

Cost Element Nuclear Coal Solar
Fuel($/Mw-hr) 5.0 11.0 X
O & M - Labor & Materials ($/Mw-hr) 6.0 5.0 X
Regulatory Fees ($/Mw-hr) 1.0 0.1 X
Projected Life (years) X X 20-25
Construction period (years) 5 4 X


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