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We decided to parallelize our lab so Ben did questions 2, 4 and 6 and I did questions 1, 3 and 5.


First Question

Developed Countries are: Developing countries are:
Luxembourg 32.021 GDP Sierra Leone 463 GDP
United States 31.88 GDP Ethiopia 502 GDP
Monaco 25.952 GDP Tanzania 638 GDP
Switzerland 25.592 GDP Cambodia 646 GDP
Norway 23.487 GDP Congo... 666 GDP
Singapore 23.003 GDP Burundi 675 GDP
Denmark 22.585 GDP Eritrea 686 GDP
Belgium 22.401 GDP Comoros 705 GDP
Liechtenstein 22.235 GDP Yemen 707 GDP
Kuwait 22.123 GDP Madagascar 719 GDP

Visualization 1

From this visualization it is very easy to conclude that red is representing developing countries and as we go towards purple we are approaching to developed countries. I realized in the table records (data that comes with this GIS software) that some countries do not have any entry (there is no recorded data of them) so countries that are in gray on this visualization are the ones that we do not have info about their GDP.

Second Question

Third Question

Countries with the greatest population density:
Monaco 18500 PD
Singapore 6137.44 PD
Maldives 1243.33 PD
Bahrain 1150 PD
Bangladesh 1054.16 PD
Mauritius 675.27 PD
Nauru 666.67 PD
Barbados 655.81 PD
Tuvalu 576.92 PD
Korea... 507.47 PD

Visualization 3

From this visualization it is very clear that countries with high population density are marked in dark green and countries with lower density are in light green. In gray are countries with no population or with no data in database.

Fourth Question

Fifth Question

On the left side we have countries population where dark green is representing most populated countries. On the right side is visualization of countries where dark green is presenting the less developed countries. And it is very obvious from this visualization that countries with high population are definitely not on the bottom of developing countries.

Visualization 5

Sixth Question

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