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This is part of the page ACL Packages.


Package Old Curr New
a2ps Yes Yes
abiword Yes Yes
abiword-common Yes
acpi Yes
acroread Yes Yes
adept Yes
adept-batch Yes
adept-common Yes
adept-installer Yes
adept-manager Yes
adept-notifier Yes
adept-updater Yes
akregator Yes
ant Yes Yes
ant-optional Yes Yes
apel Yes Yes
app-install-data-commercial Yes
app-install-data-partner Yes
apport-qt Yes
apt-transport-https Yes
apt-xapian-index Yes
ark-kde4 Yes
arts Yes Yes
artsbuilder Yes Yes
arts-dgb Yes
aterm Yes Yes
aterm-ml Yes Yes
attr Yes Yes
aumix-gtk Yes Yes
auth-client-config Yes
autoconf Yes Yes
autoconf2.13 Yes Yes
autoconf-archive Yes Yes
autoconf-dev Yes
autoconf-doc Yes Yes
autofs Yes Yes
autofs-hesoid Yes
autofs-ldap Yes Yes
automake1.4 Yes Yes
automake1.7 Yes Yes
automake1.8 Yes Yes
automake1.9 Yes Yes
autotools-dev Yes
avahi-utils Yes
beep Yes Yes
belocs-locales-bin Yes
binfmt-support Yes
bison Yes Yes
bison-1.35 Yes Yes
bison-doc Yes Yes
bluefish Yes Yes
bluetooth Yes
bluez Yes
bluez-alsa Yes
bluez-audio Yes
bluez-gstreamer Yes
bochsbios Yes
bonobo Yes
bonobo-conf Yes
bootcd-mkinitrd Yes
bug-buddy Yes
byacc Yes Yes
bzr Yes
cana-shion Yes
canna Yes Yes
canna-utils Yes Yes
cdda2wav Yes
cdecl Yes Yes
cdrdao Yes
check Yes
checkbox Yes
checkbox-gtk Yes
cmake Yes
cm-super Yes Yes
cm-super-minimal Yes
comerr-dev Yes
compizconfig-settings-manager Yes
compiz-wrapper Yes
computer-janitor Yes
computer-janitor-gtk Yes
console-tools Yes
context Yes
cpp-3.4 Yes
cpp-4.2 Yes
cpp-4.3 Yes
cracklib2 Yes Yes
cracklib2-dev Yes Yes
cracklib2-runtime Yes
cracklib-runtime Yes
cryptsetup Yes
cups Yes
cups-bsd Yes
cups-client Yes
cups-common Yes
cups-driver-gutenprint Yes
cupsys Yes
cupsys-common Yes
cupsys-driver-gutenprint Yes
curl Yes Yes
cvs Yes Yes
db4.2-util Yes Yes
ddd Yes Yes
ddd-doc Yes Yes
debhelper Yes
debtags Yes
dejagnu Yes Yes
deskbar-applet Yes
dhcdbd Yes
dia Yes Yes
dia-common Yes Yes
dia-libs Yes Yes
dialog Yes Yes
diffstat Yes Yes
dillo Yes Yes
displayconfig-gtk Yes
distcc Yes Yes
diveintopython Yes
dnsmasq-base Yes
docbook Yes Yes
docbook2x Yes Yes
docbook-defguide Yes Yes
docbook-doc Yes
docbook-dsssl Yes Yes
docbook-html-forms Yes Yes
docbook-mathml Yes Yes
docbook-to-man Yes Yes
docbook-utils Yes Yes
docbook-xsl Yes Yes
dolphin-kde4 Yes
doxygen Yes Yes
doxygen-doc Yes Yes
doxygen-gui Yes Yes
doxymacs Yes
dpkg-dev Yes
dragonplayer Yes
dump Yes Yes
edb Yes Yes
elinks Yes Yes
elinks-data Yes
emacs Yes Yes
emacs22-bin-common Yes
emacs22-common Yes
emacs22-gtk Yes
emacsen-common Yes
enscript Yes
esound-clients Yes
evolution-documentation-en Yes
evolution-indicator Yes
exmh Yes Yes
expect Yes Yes
expect-dev Yes Yes
exuberant-ctags Yes Yes
fbset Yes Yes
fdutils Yes
fetchmail Yes Yes
ffmpeg Yes Yes
fftw2 Yes
fglrx-modaliases Yes
firefox Yes
firefox-2 Yes
firefox-3.0-branding Yes
firefox-3.0-gnome-support Yes
firefox-gnome-support Yes
flac Yes Yes
flex Yes Yes
flex-doc Yes Yes
flim Yes Yes
fluxbox Yes Yes
fnlib-data Yes
fortune-mod Yes
fortunes-min Yes
freeglut3 Yes
freeglut3-dbg Yes Yes
freeglut3-dev Yes Yes
freepats Yes
freewnn-common Yes Yes
freewnn-cserver Yes Yes
freewnn-jserver Yes Yes
freewnn-kserver Yes Yes
frotz Yes Yes
ftgl-dev Yes Yes
fvwm Yes Yes
g++ Yes Yes
g++-4.2 Yes
g77 Yes
g77-3.4 Yes
galculator Yes Yes
ganglia-monitor Yes Yes
gawk Yes Yes
gawk-doc Yes Yes
gcc272 Yes
gcc272-docs Yes
gcc-3.3-base Yes
gcc-3.4 Yes
gcc-3.4-base Yes
gcc-4.1-base Yes
gcc-4.2 Yes
gcc-4.2-base Yes
gcc-4.3 Yes
gcc-4.3-base Yes
gcl Yes Yes
gdm-guest-session Yes
gettext Yes
gftp-common Yes Yes
gftp-gtk Yes Yes
ggzcore-bin Yes
gimp-data-extras Yes Yes
gimp-gnomevfs Yes
gimp-python Yes
gkrellm Yes Yes
glade-2 Yes
glade-3 Yes Yes
glade-common Yes Yes
glade-doc Yes Yes
glade-gnome Yes Yes
glade-gnome-3 Yes Yes
glibc-doc Yes Yes
glibc-doc-reference Yes
glimpse Yes
glut-doc Yes Yes
gnat-4.1-base Yes
gnome-codec-install Yes
gnome-common Yes
gnome-gv Yes
gnome-netstatus-applet Yes
gnome-session-canberra Yes
gnome-spell Yes
gnome-themes Yes
gnome-themes-selected Yes
gnome-themes-ubuntu Yes
gnome-user-guide-en Yes
gnome-volume-manager Yes
gnome-volume-mananger Yes
gnuchess Yes Yes
gnuchess-book Yes Yes
gnupg-agent Yes
gnuplot Yes Yes
gnuplot-doc Yes Yes
gnuplot-nox Yes Yes
gnuplot-x11 Yes Yes
gpgsm Yes
gqview Yes Yes
graphviz Yes
graphviz-dev Yes
graphviz-doc Yes
grip Yes Yes
groff Yes Yes
grub-common Yes
gs-gpl Yes Yes
gstreamer0.10-schroedinger Yes
gstreamer0.8-a52dec Yes
gtdig-doc Yes
gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks Yes
gtkam Yes Yes
gtkam-gimp Yes Yes
gtkglarea5 Yes Yes
gtkglarea5-dev Yes Yes
gtkhtml3.14 Yes
gtoster Yes
guidance-backends Yes
guile-1.6-libs Yes
guile-1.8-libs Yes
gv Yes Yes
gvfs-bin Yes
gwenview-kde4 Yes
hdf4-tools Yes
hplip-gui Yes
htdig Yes Yes
html2ps Yes
html2text Yes
hunspell-en-us Yes
hwdata Yes Yes
hwtest Yes
hwtest-gtk Yes
iamerican Yes
ibritish Yes
icedax Yes
ifhp Yes Yes
imagemagick Yes Yes
indent Yes Yes
indent-doc Yes Yes
indicator-applet Yes
indicator-messages Yes
inetutils-inetd Yes
intltool Yes
intltool-debian Yes
irda-utils Yes Yes
ispell Yes
jadetex Yes Yes
java-common Yes
jed Yes Yes
jed-common Yes Yes
jedit Yes Yes
jigdo Yes Yes
jikes Yes Yes
jockey-kde Yes
joystick Yes Yes
jsfutils Yes
juk-kde4 Yes
jwhois Yes Yes
lam4c2 Yes
lam4-dev Yes
lame Yes Yes
lame-extras Yes Yes
landscape-client Yes
language-selector-qt Yes
lapack3 Yes Yes
lapack3-dev Yes Yes
lapack3-doc Yes
ldap-auth-client Yes
ldap-auth-config Yes
ldap-utils Yes Yes
lesstif2 Yes Yes
lesstif2-dev Yes
linuxdoc-tools Yes Yes
linux-firmware Yes
linux-headers-2.6.24-16 Yes
linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic Yes
linux-headers-2.6.24-19 Yes
linux-headers-2.6.24-19-generic Yes
linux-headers-2.6.28-11 Yes
linux-headers-2.6.28-11-generic Yes
linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic Yes
linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic Yes
linux-image-2.6.28-11-generic Yes
linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-generic Yes
linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-19-generic Yes
linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-11-generic Yes
linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-generic Yes
linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-19-generic Yes
linxinerama-dev Yes
lmodern Yes
logwatch Yes Yes
lokkit Yes Yes
lprng Yes Yes
lprng-doc Yes Yes
lprngtool Yes
lp-solve Yes
lrzsz Yes Yes
lvm2 Yes Yes
lvm-common Yes
lynx Yes Yes
m4 Yes Yes
m4-doc Yes Yes
magicdev Yes
magicfilter Yes Yes
mailx Yes Yes
manpages-dev Yes Yes
mcpp Yes
mdetect Yes
medibuntu-keyring Yes
memprof Yes
menu Yes
mesa-common-dev Yes
metamail Yes
mew Yes Yes
mew-bin Yes Yes
mh-e Yes Yes
mii-diag Yes
mingetty Yes Yes
minicom Yes Yes
mobile-broadband-provider-info Yes
modutils Yes
mono-2.0-gac Yes
mono-2.0-runtime Yes
mozilla-browser Yes
mozilla-chatzilla Yes
mozilla-dev Yes Yes
mozilla-dom-inspector Yes
mpage Yes Yes
mpg123-el Yes Yes
mpg321 Yes
mplayer Yes Yes
mplayer-skins Yes
mt-st Yes Yes
multi-gnome-terminal Yes
multi-gnome-terminal-doc Yes
musixlyr Yes Yes
musixtex Yes Yes
musixtex-slurps Yes Yes
mutt Yes Yes
myspell-en-au Yes
myspell-en-us Yes
mysql-client-5.0 Yes Yes
mysql-common Yes Yes
#mysql-server-5.0 Yes
nasm Yes Yes
nautilus-cd-burner Yes
ncftp2 Yes
nessus Yes Yes
nessusd Yes Yes
nessus-plugins Yes
netpbm Yes Yes
network-manager-kde Yes
networkstatus Yes
nfs-common Yes Yes
nfs-kernel-server Yes Yes
nis Yes Yes
nmh Yes
notification-daemon Yes
notify-osd Yes
nscd Yes Yes
ntp Yes Yes
ntp-doc Yes Yes
nvidia-173-modaliases Yes
nvidia-180-modaliases Yes
nvidia-71-modaliases Yes
nvidia-96-modaliases Yes
nvidia-common Yes
nvidia-kernel-common Yes
o3read Yes
oaf Yes
ocaml Yes Yes
ocaml-base Yes
ocaml-base-nox Yes
ocaml-findlib Yes Yes
ocaml-interp Yes
ocaml-native-compilers Yes Yes
ocaml-nox Yes
octave Yes
octave2.1 Yes
octave3.0 Yes
odbcinst1debian1 Yes
okular-kde4 Yes
openjade Yes Yes
openmpi-bin Yes
openmpi-common Yes
openmpi-doc Yes
openoffice.org-emailmerge Yes
openoffice.org-kde Yes
openoffice.org-style-crystal Yes
openscenegraph Yes Yes
openscenegraph-doc Yes Yes
opensp Yes
openssh-blacklist Yes
openssl-blacklist Yes
orbit Yes Yes
orbit2 Yes Yes
oxygen-cursor-theme Yes
passivetex Yes
patch Yes
patchutils Yes Yes
pax Yes Yes
pciutils-dev Yes Yes
pdl Yes Yes
perl-doc Yes
perlmagick Yes
perl-tk Yes Yes
pfb2t1c2pfb Yes Yes
phonon Yes
phonon-backend-gstreamer Yes
php5 Yes
php5-common Yes Yes
pia Yes
pidgin-libnotify Yes
pinentry-qt Yes
pinfo Yes Yes
pl Yes
po-debconf Yes
poppler-utils Yes
portmap Yes
poster Yes
postgresql-client-8.1 Yes
postgresql-client-8.3 Yes
postgresql-client-common Yes Yes
postgresql-common Yes Yes
postgresql-contrib-8.1 Yes
postgresql-doc-8.1 Yes
postgresql-plperl-8.1 Yes
postgresql-plpython-8.1 Yes
postgresql-pltcl-8.1 Yes
postgresql-server-dev-8.1 Yes
powermanagement-interface Yes
powernowd Yes
preview-latex-style Yes Yes
printop Yes Yes
procmail Yes Yes
proj Yes
psfontmgr Yes
psgml Yes Yes
pstoedit Yes Yes
psutils Yes
pv Yes
pvm Yes Yes
pvm-dev Yes Yes
pyopenssl-doc Yes Yes
python2.4 Yes
python2.4-dev Yes Yes
python2.4-minimal Yes
python2.5 Yes
python2.5-dev Yes
python2.5-minimal Yes
python2.6 Yes
python2.6-minimal Yes
python-4suite-doc Yes Yes
python-4suite-rdf Yes
python-4suite-xml Yes Yes
python-compizconfig Yes
python-cupshelpers Yes
python-debian Yes
python-dev Yes Yes
python-fstab Yes
python-gobject-dev Yes Yes
python-gtk2-dev Yes Yes
python-newt Yes
python-numeric Yes
python-openssl Yes
python-openssl-doc Yes
python-pyopenssl Yes Yes
python-pyorbit-dev Yes Yes
python-qt3 Yes
python-qt4 Yes
python-qt4-common Yes
python-qt4-dbus Yes
python-rdflib Yes
python-reportlab Yes
python-setuptools Yes Yes
python-sip4 Yes
python-smbc Yes
python-usb Yes
python-xapian Yes
python-xkit Yes
qemu Yes Yes
qt4-designer Yes Yes
qt4-dev-tools Yes Yes
qt4-doc Yes Yes
qt4-qconfig Yes
quota Yes Yes
rarian-compat Yes
rcs Yes Yes
rdate Yes Yes
rdist Yes Yes
refblas3 Yes Yes
refblas3-dev Yes Yes
refblas3-doc Yes
refblas3-test Yes Yes
rman Yes Yes
rpm Yes Yes
rp-pppoe Yes
rrdtool Yes Yes
rrdtool-tcl Yes Yes
rsh-client Yes Yes
ruby Yes
ruby1.8 Yes
rwho Yes Yes
rwhod Yes Yes
sane-utils Yes
scantv Yes
scim-bridge-client-qt Yes
scim-qtimm Yes
scons Yes
screen-profiles Yes
screen-resolution-extra Yes
scrollkeeper Yes
sdm Yes Yes
seahorse-plugins Yes
seamonkey-browser Yes
seamonkey-dev Yes
sendmail Yes Yes
sendmail-base Yes Yes
sendmail-bin Yes Yes
sendmail-cf Yes Yes
sendmail-doc Yes Yes
sensible-mda Yes
setserial Yes Yes
sg3-utils Yes
sgmlspl Yes
shareutils Yes
shareutils-doc Yes
sip4 Yes Yes
skim Yes
slrn Yes Yes
smartmontools Yes Yes
snmp Yes Yes
snmpd Yes Yes
software-properties-kde Yes
soprano-daemon Yes
sound-juicer Yes
sox Yes Yes
sp Yes
speedcrunch Yes
speex Yes Yes
speex-doc Yes Yes
splint Yes Yes
splint-doc Yes Yes
sqlite Yes
sqlite3 Yes
ssh Yes
sshfs Yes Yes
star Yes Yes
statserial Yes Yes
strigi-daemon Yes
stunnel4 Yes Yes
subversion Yes Yes
sun-java6-bin Yes
sun-java6-demo Yes Yes
sun-java6-doc Yes Yes
sun-java6-fonts Yes Yes
sun-java6-jdk Yes
sun-java6-jre Yes
sun-java6-plugin Yes Yes
swig Yes Yes
swi-prolog Yes Yes
swi-prolog-xpce Yes Yes
sysstat Yes Yes
system-config-printer-kde Yes
systemconfigurator Yes Yes
systemimager-client Yes Yes
systemimager-common Yes Yes
systemimager-doc Yes Yes
systemimager-initrd-template-i386 Yes
systemsettings-kde4 Yes
sysvinit-utils Yes
sysvutils Yes
talk Yes Yes
talkd Yes Yes
tcl8.3 Yes
tcl8.4 Yes Yes
tcl8.4-dev Yes Yes
tcl8.4-doc Yes Yes
tcsh Yes Yes
tex-common Yes
texinfo Yes Yes
texlive Yes Yes
texlive-base Yes Yes
texlive-base-bin Yes Yes
texlive-bibtex-extra Yes Yes
texlive-chemistry Yes
texlive-common Yes Yes
texlive-context Yes
texlive-doc-base Yes Yes
texlive-doc-en Yes Yes
texlive-fonts-extra Yes Yes
texlive-fonts-recommended Yes Yes
texlive-font-utils Yes Yes
texlive-formats-extra Yes Yes
texlive-generic-extra Yes Yes
texlive-generic-recommended Yes Yes
texlive-lang-spanish Yes Yes
texlive-latex-base Yes Yes
texlive-latex-extra Yes Yes
texlive-latex-recommended Yes Yes
texlive-math-extra Yes Yes
texlive-metapost Yes Yes
texlive-music Yes Yes
texlive-pdfetex Yes
texlive-pictures Yes Yes
texlive-pstricks Yes Yes
texlive-publishers Yes Yes
thttpd-util Yes
thunar-data Yes
tightvncserver Yes Yes
timidity Yes Yes
timidity-el Yes Yes
timidity-interfaces-extra Yes Yes
tipa Yes Yes
tk2 Yes Yes
tk8.3 Yes
tk8.4 Yes Yes
tk8.4-doc Yes Yes
tkgate Yes Yes
tkman Yes Yes
tofrodos Yes Yes
traceroute Yes Yes
tracker Yes
tracker-search-tool Yes
transfig Yes Yes
trasfig Yes
ttf-arphic-ukai Yes
ttf-dejavu Yes
ttf-dejavu-extra Yes
ttf-kochi-gothic Yes
ttf-kochi-mincho Yes
ttf-malayalam-fonts Yes
ttf-sazanami-gothic Yes
ttf-sazanami-mincho Yes
ttmkfdir Yes Yes
ubufox Yes
ubuntu-desktop Yes
ubuntu-system-service Yes
unixodbc Yes
uno-libs3 Yes
untis Yes
update-motd Yes
ure Yes
usb-creator Yes
util-linux-locales Yes
uudeview Yes Yes
v4l-conf Yes
vflib2 Yes Yes
vflib2-dev Yes Yes
vflib2-misc Yes Yes
vgabios Yes
vim Yes Yes
vim-gui-gnome Yes
vim-runtime Yes
vlc Yes Yes
vlc-nox Yes
vlc-plugin-pulse Yes
vorbis-tools Yes Yes
vtwm Yes Yes
w3-dtd-mathml Yes
wireless-crda Yes
wireshark Yes
wireshark-common Yes
wvdial Yes
x11proto-composite-dev Yes
x11proto-core-dev Yes
x11proto-damage-dev Yes
x11proto-fixes-dev Yes
x11proto-input-dev Yes
x11proto-kb-dev Yes
x11proto-print-dev Yes
x11proto-randr-dev Yes
x11proto-render-dev Yes
x11proto-xext-dev Yes
x11proto-xinerama-dev Yes Yes
xaw3dg Yes
xaw3dg-dev Yes Yes
xawtv Yes Yes
xawtv-plugins Yes Yes
xbase-clients Yes
xboard Yes Yes
xchat Yes Yes
xchat-common Yes Yes
xchat-gnome Yes Yes
xchat-gnome-common Yes Yes
xdaliclock Yes Yes
xemacs21 Yes Yes
xemacs21-basesupport Yes
xemacs21-bin Yes Yes
xemacs21-mule Yes Yes
xemacs21-mulesupport Yes Yes
xemacs21-support Yes
xemacs-support Yes
xfce4-mcs-manager Yes
xfce4-panel Yes
xfce4-utils Yes
xfdesktop4 Yes Yes
xfdesktop4-data Yes
xfig Yes Yes
xfprint4 Yes Yes
xfractint Yes Yes
xfw4-themes Yes
xfwm4 Yes Yes
xine-ui Yes Yes
xinput Yes
xlibmesa-gl-dev Yes
xloadimage Yes Yes
xmltex Yes Yes
xmlto Yes Yes
xmms Yes
xmms-dev Yes
xmms-flac Yes
xosview Yes Yes
xpdf Yes Yes
xpdf-common Yes Yes
xpdf-reader Yes Yes
xpdf-utils Yes Yes
xscreensaver Yes Yes
xscreensaver-gl-extra Yes Yes
xserver-common Yes
xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse Yes
xserver-xorg-video-amd Yes
xserver-xorg-video-cyrix Yes
xserver-xorg-video-dummy Yes
xserver-xorg-video-glint Yes
xserver-xorg-video-i810 Yes
xserver-xorg-video-imstt Yes
xserver-xorg-video-mach64 Yes
xserver-xorg-video-newport Yes
xserver-xorg-video-nsc Yes
xserver-xorg-video-psb Yes
xserver-xorg-video-r128 Yes
xserver-xorg-video-radeon Yes
xserver-xorg-video-tga Yes
xserver-xorg-video-vga Yes
xserver-xorg-video-via Yes
xtightvncviewer Yes Yes
xtrans-dev Yes
xutils Yes
xutils-dev Yes
zlib1g-dev Yes
zsh Yes Yes


Package Old Curr New
liba52-0.7.4 Yes
libacl1-dev Yes Yes
libadns1 Yes
libafterimage0 Yes
libagrep-ocaml Yes Yes
libakonadiprivate1 Yes
libalut0 Yes Yes
libalut-dev Yes Yes
libamrnb3 Yes
libamrwb3 Yes
libao2 Yes
libao-dev Yes Yes
libapparmor1 Yes
libapparmor-perl Yes
libappconfig-perl Yes
libapr1 Yes
libaprutil1 Yes
libart2.0-cil Yes
libart2.24-cil Yes
libarts1c2a Yes
libartsc0 Yes
libartsc0-dev Yes Yes
libasound2-plugins Yes
libaspell-dev Yes
libatk1.0-dbg Yes Yes
libatk1.0-dev Yes Yes
libatk1.0-doc Yes Yes
libattr1-dev Yes
libaudio2 Yes
libaudio-dev Yes
libaudiofile-dev Yes Yes
libavahi-gobject0 Yes
libavahi-qt3-1 Yes
libavcodec0d Yes
libavcodec1d Yes
libavcodec-dev Yes Yes
libavformat1d Yes
libavutil1d Yes
libavutil-dev Yes
libbabl-0.0-0 Yes
libbeecrypt6 Yes Yes
libbeecrypt6-dev Yes Yes
libbind9-30 Yes
libbind9-40 Yes
libblas3gf Yes
libbluetooth2 Yes
libbluetooth3 Yes
libbonobo2 Yes
libbonobo2-dev Yes Yes
libbonobo-conf0 Yes
libbonobo-dev Yes
libbrasero-media0 Yes
libbz2-dev Yes
libcairo2-dev Yes
libcairo-java Yes Yes
libcairo-jni Yes
libcairomm-1.0-dev Yes
libcamel1.2-11 Yes
libcamel1.2-14 Yes
libcanberra0 Yes
libcanberra-gtk0 Yes
libcanberra-gtk-module Yes
libcanlock2 Yes
libcanna1g Yes
libcannalg Yes
libcannalg-dev Yes
libcap1 Yes
libcap2 Yes
libcap-dev Yes Yes
libcapplet1 Yes
libcapplet1-dev Yes
libcapseo0 Yes
libcaptury0 Yes
libcfitsio2 Yes
libchromexvmc1 Yes
libchromexvmcpro1 Yes
libclass-accessor-perl Yes
libclucene0ldbl Yes
libcoin40c2 Yes Yes
libcoin40-dev Yes Yes
libcoin40-doc Yes Yes
libcoin40-runtime Yes Yes
libcolamd-3.2.0 Yes
libcompfaceg1 Yes
libconsole Yes
libcryptui0 Yes
libcsiro0 Yes
libcucul0 Yes
libcups2 Yes
libcurl3 Yes
libcurl3-dbg Yes Yes
libcurl3-dev Yes
libcurl3-openssl-dev Yes
libcurl4-openssl-dev Yes
libcwnn0 Yes Yes
libcwnn-dev Yes Yes
libdb4.2 Yes
libdb4.4 Yes
libdb4.5 Yes
libdb4.7 Yes
libdbd-mysql-perl Yes
libdbd-pg-perl Yes
libdbh-4.5-4 Yes
libdbi-perl Yes
libdb-mysql-perl Yes
libdbus-qt-1-1c2 Yes
libdc1394-13 Yes
libdc1394-13-dev Yes
libdeskbar-tracker Yes
libdjvulibre15 Yes
libdjvulibre21 Yes
libdjvulibre-dev Yes
libdjvulibre-text Yes
libdm1-compat Yes
libdns32 Yes
libdns35 Yes
libdns45 Yes
libdrm-intel1 Yes
libdvbpsi4 Yes
libdvdnav4 Yes
libdvdread3 Yes
libebackend1.2-0 Yes
libebml0 Yes
libedataserver1.2-11 Yes
libedataserver1.2-9 Yes
libeel2-2 Yes
libeel2-data Yes
libefs1 Yes
libefs-dev Yes
libelf1 Yes
libelfg0 Yes
libenca0 Yes
libevdocument1 Yes
libevent1 Yes
libevview1 Yes
libexif-dev Yes
libexif-gtk5 Yes
libexiv2-2 Yes
libexo-0.3-0 Yes Yes
libexpat1-dev Yes Yes
libf2c2 Yes Yes
libf2c2-dev Yes Yes
libfaac0 Yes
libffi4 Yes
libffi4-dev Yes
libffi5 Yes
libfftw3-3 Yes
libflac-dev Yes Yes
libfnlib0 Yes
libfont-afm-perl Yes
libfontconfig1-dev Yes
libfreebob0 Yes
libfreetype6-dev Yes Yes
libfreezethaw-perl Yes
libfribidi-dev Yes Yes
libg2c0 Yes
libg2c0-dev Yes
libgail-dev Yes Yes
libgail-doc Yes Yes
libgal23 Yes
libgal-dev Yes
libgcj7-awt Yes
libgconf2.0-cil Yes
libgconf2.24-cil Yes
libgconf2-dev Yes Yes
libgcr0 Yes
libgd2-xpm Yes Yes
libgd2-xpm-dev Yes Yes
libgdal1-1.3.1 Yes
libgdal1-1.3.1-dev Yes
libgdal1-1.3.1-grass Yes
libgdal1-1.4.0 Yes
libgdbm-dev Yes Yes
libgdchart-gd2-noxpm Yes
libgdict-1.0-6 Yes
libgdiplus Yes
libgegl-0.0-0 Yes
libgeos2c2a Yes Yes
libgeos-c1 Yes Yes
libgeos-dev Yes Yes
libgeos-doc Yes Yes
libgfortran2 Yes
libggi2 Yes
libghttp1 Yes Yes
libghttp-dev Yes Yes
libgif-dev Yes
libgii1 Yes
libgii1-target-x Yes
libgl1-mesa-dev Yes
libglade0 Yes
libglade0-dev Yes
libglade2-dev Yes Yes
libglade-gnome0 Yes
libglade-gnome0-dev Yes
libgladeui-1-4 Yes
libgladeui-1-7 Yes
libgladeui-l-common Yes
libgle3 Yes Yes
libgle3-dev Yes Yes
libglib1.2-dev Yes Yes
libglib1.2ldbl Yes
libglib2.0-data Yes
libglib2.0-dev Yes Yes
libglib-java Yes Yes
libglib-jni Yes
libglibmm-2.4-dev Yes Yes
libglitz1 Yes
libglitz-glx1 Yes
libglpk0 Yes
libglu1-mesa-dev Yes
libglui2c2 Yes
libglui-dev Yes Yes
libglut3 Yes
libgmime-2.0-2 Yes
libgmime-2.0-2a Yes
libgmime2.2a-cil Yes
libgmime2.2-cil Yes
libgmp3-dev Yes Yes
libgmp3-doc Yes Yes
libgmpxx4 Yes
libgmpxx4ldbl Yes
libgnat-4.1 Yes Yes
libgnome2.0-cil Yes
libgnome2.24-cil Yes
libgnome-desktop-2 Yes
libgnome-desktop-2-11 Yes
libgnome-java Yes Yes
libgnome-jni Yes Yes
libgnomekbd2 Yes
libgnomekbd3 Yes
libgnomekbdui2 Yes
libgnomekbdui3 Yes
libgnome-keyring1.0-cil Yes
libgnomepanel2.24-cil Yes
libgnome-vfs2.0-cil Yes
libgnome-vfs2.24-cil Yes
libgnutls13 Yes
libgnutls26 Yes
libgp11-0 Yes
libgphoto2-2-dev Yes
libgpm1-dev Yes
libgpm2 Yes
libgpmg1 Yes
libgpod3 Yes
libgpod4 Yes
libgraphviz-dev Yes
libgsm1-dev Yes
libgssglue1 Yes
libgtk1.2 Yes
libgtk1.2-common Yes
libgtk1.2-dbg Yes Yes
libgtk1.2-dev Yes Yes
libgtk1.2-doc Yes Yes
libgtk2.0-dev Yes Yes
libgtk2-perl-doc Yes Yes
libgtkgl2.0-1 Yes Yes
libgtkgl2.0-dev Yes Yes
libgtkhtml3.16-cil Yes
libgtkhtml-editor0 Yes
libgtkhtml-editor-common Yes
libgtk-java Yes Yes
libgtk-jni Yes Yes
libgtkmm-2.4-dev Yes Yes
libgtkmm-2.4-doc Yes Yes
libgtk-perl Yes
libgucharmap6 Yes
libgucharmap7 Yes
libguile-ltdl-1 Yes
libguppi16 Yes
libguppi-dev Yes
libhdf4g Yes Yes
libhdf4g-dev Yes Yes
libhdf4g-doc Yes Yes
libhdf4g-run Yes
libhdf5-serial-1.6.5-0 Yes
libhesiod-dev Yes Yes
libhtml-format-perl Yes
libhunspell-1.1-0 Yes
libhunspell-1.2-0 Yes
libhyphen0 Yes
libibverbs1 Yes
libical0 Yes
libice-dev Yes
libid3-3.8.3c2a Yes
libid3-3.8.3-dev Yes Yes
libid3tag0 Yes
libidl-dev Yes
libidn11-dev Yes
libieee1284-3-dev Yes
libijs-0.35 Yes
libilmbase6 Yes
libimlib2 Yes
libimlib2-dev Yes Yes
libindicate1 Yes
libio-string-perl Yes
libio-stringy-perl Yes
libisc32 Yes
libisc45 Yes
libisccc30 Yes
libisccc40 Yes
libisccfg30 Yes
libisccfg40 Yes
libiso9660-5 Yes
libjack0 Yes
libjasper-dev Yes
libjaxp1.3-java Yes
libjpeg62-dev Yes
libkadm55 Yes
libkcal2b Yes
libkcddb4-kde4 Yes
libkdecorations4 Yes
libkdepim1a Yes
libkipi5 Yes
libkleopatra1 Yes
libkmime2 Yes
libkonq4 Yes
libkonq5 Yes
libkonq5-templates Yes
libkpimexchange1 Yes
libkpimidentities1 Yes
libkrb5-dev Yes Yes
libksba8 Yes
libksieve0 Yes
libktnef1 Yes
libkwineffects1 Yes
libkwnn0 Yes Yes
libkwnn-dev Yes Yes
liblam4 Yes
liblame0 Yes
liblapack3gf Yes
liblcms1-dev Yes
libldap-2.2-7 Yes
libldap2-dev Yes Yes
liblockdev1 Yes Yes
liblockdev1-dbg Yes Yes
liblockdev1-dev Yes Yes
libltdl3 Yes
libltdl3-dev Yes
libltdl7 Yes
liblua50 Yes
liblua5.1-0 Yes
liblualib50 Yes
liblwres30 Yes
liblwres40 Yes
liblzo2-2 Yes
libmad0 Yes
libmagick10 Yes
libmagick++10 Yes
libmagick9 Yes
libmagick9-dev Yes Yes
libmagickcore1 Yes
libmagickwand1 Yes
libmailtools-perl Yes
libmatroska0 Yes
libmbca0 Yes
libmikmod2 Yes Yes
libmimelib1c2a Yes
libmldbm-perl Yes
libmng-dev Yes
libmodplug0c2 Yes
libmono1.0-cil Yes
libmono-cairo1.0-cil Yes
libmono-corlib1.0-cil Yes
libmono-data2.0-cil Yes
libmono-data-tds1.0-cil Yes
libmono-getoptions2.0-cil Yes
libmono-i18n2.0-cil Yes
libmono-posix2.0-cil Yes
libmono-security1.0-cil Yes
libmono-sharpzip0.84-cil Yes
libmono-system1.0-cil Yes
libmono-system-data1.0-cil Yes
libmono-system-web1.0-cil Yes
libmotif3 Yes Yes
libmotif-dev Yes Yes
libmpcdec3 Yes
libmpeg2-4 Yes
libmpfr1 Yes
libmpfr-dev Yes Yes
libmpich1.0gf Yes
libmtp7 Yes
libmtp8 Yes
libmysqlclient15-dev Yes Yes
libmysqlclient15off Yes Yes
libnasl2 Yes
libncurses5-dev Yes
libnessus2 Yes
libnetcdf3 Yes
libnetcdf++3 Yes
libnetcdf4 Yes
libnet-daemon-perl Yes
libnetpbm10 Yes Yes
libnet-snmp-perl Yes Yes
libnewt-dev Yes Yes
libnfsidmap2 Yes
libnm-util0 Yes
libnm-util1 Yes
libnss-ldap Yes Yes
libntfs-3g23 Yes
libntfs-3g49 Yes
liboaf0 Yes
liboaf-dev Yes
libobjc1 Yes Yes
libofa0 Yes
libogdi3.2 Yes
libogg-dev Yes
liboggflac3 Yes
libokularcore1-kde4 Yes
libole-storage-lite-perl Yes Yes
libopal-2.2 Yes
libopal3.6.1 Yes
libopenal0a Yes Yes
libopenal-dev Yes Yes
libopenalpp-cvs1 Yes
libopenalpp-cvs-dev Yes
libopencdk10 Yes
libopenexr2ldbl Yes
libopenexr6 Yes
libopenexr-dev Yes
libopenmpi1 Yes
libopenmpi-dev Yes
libopenscenegraph3 Yes
libopenscenegraph3-dev Yes
libopenscenegraph6 Yes
libopenthreads6 Yes
liborbit0 Yes Yes
liborbit2-dev Yes Yes
liborbit-dev Yes Yes
libosp5 Yes
libostyle1c2 Yes
libpam0g-dev Yes Yes
libpam-ck-connector Yes
libpam-cracklib Yes Yes
libpam-doc Yes Yes
libpam-krb5 Yes Yes
libpam-ldap Yes
libpango1.0-dev Yes Yes
libpango1.0-doc Yes Yes
libpangomm-1.4-1 Yes
libparse-debianchangelog-perl Yes
libparted1.7-1 Yes
libparted1.8-10 Yes
libpci3 Yes
libpciaccess0 Yes
libpcre3-dev Yes Yes
libpcrecpp0 Yes Yes
libpcsclite1 Yes
libperl5.10 Yes
libperl5.8 Yes
libphonon4 Yes
libpixman-1-dev Yes
libplasma2 Yes
libplot2c2 Yes
libplplot9 Yes
libplrpc-perl Yes
libpng12-dev Yes
libpoppler2 Yes
libpoppler3 Yes
libpoppler4 Yes
libpoppler-glib2 Yes
libpoppler-glib4 Yes
libpoppler-qt4-3 Yes
libpopt-dev Yes Yes
libportaudio0 Yes
libpostproc0d Yes
libpostproc1d Yes
libpq3 Yes
libpq4 Yes
libpq5 Yes
libpq-dev Yes Yes
libproducer3 Yes
libprotobuf3 Yes
libproxy0 Yes
libpspell-dev Yes Yes
libpstoedit0c2a Yes
libpt-1.10.10 Yes
libpt-1.10.10-plugins-alsa Yes
libpt-1.10.10-plugins-v4l Yes
libpt-1.10.10-plugins-v4l2 Yes
libpt2.6.1 Yes
libpt2.6.1-plugins-alsa Yes
libpt2.6.1-plugins-v4l2 Yes
libpthread-stubs0 Yes
libpthread-stubs0-dev Yes
libpulsecore5 Yes
libpulsecore9 Yes
libpurple-bin Yes
libpvm3 Yes Yes
libpython2.6 Yes
libqca2 Yes
libqhull5 Yes
libqimageblitz4 Yes
libqt3-mt Yes
libqt4-assistant Yes
libqt4-core Yes Yes
libqt4-dbus Yes
libqt4-designer Yes
libqt4-dev Yes Yes
libqt4-gui Yes Yes
libqt4-help Yes
libqt4-network Yes
libqt4-opengl Yes
libqt4-qt3support Yes Yes
libqt4-script Yes
libqt4-sql Yes Yes
libqt4-sql-sqlite Yes
libqt4-svg Yes
libqt4-test Yes
libqt4-webkit Yes
libqt4-xml Yes
libqt4-xmlpatterns Yes
libqtcore4 Yes
libqtgui4 Yes
libqthreads-12 Yes
libraptor1 Yes
librasqal0 Yes
libraw1394-dev Yes
librdf0 Yes
libreadline5-dev Yes
librecode0 Yes
librpcsecgss3 Yes
librplay3 Yes
librpm4 Yes
librpm4.4 Yes
librrd2 Yes
librsvg2-dev Yes Yes
libruby1.8 Yes
libsane-dbg Yes Yes
libsane-dev Yes Yes
libsasl2-dev Yes Yes
libschroedinger-1.0-0 Yes
libscrollkeeper0 Yes
libsdl1.2debian-all Yes Yes
libsdl-image1.2 Yes
libsgmls-perl Yes
libsigc++-2.0-dev Yes Yes
libsigc++-2.0-doc Yes Yes
libsilc-1.1-2 Yes
libskim0 Yes
libslang2-dev Yes Yes
libsmbios1 Yes
libsmbios2 Yes
libsm-dev Yes
libsnmp4.2 Yes
libsnmp4.2-dev Yes
libsoprano4 Yes
libsoup-gnome2.4-1 Yes
libsox0 Yes
libsp1c2 Yes
libspeexdsp1 Yes
libsqlite0-dev Yes
libssl-dev Yes
libstartup-notification0-dev Yes Yes
libstdc++5 Yes
libstdc++6-4.2-dev Yes
libstlport4.6ldbl Yes
libstreamanalyzer0 Yes
libstreams0 Yes
libstrigiqtdbusclient0 Yes
libstroke0 Yes
libsuitesparse-3.1.0 Yes
libsvga1 Yes
libsvn1 Yes
libswscale1d Yes
libt1-5 Yes
libtalloc1 Yes
libtar Yes
libtdb1 Yes
libtheora-dev Yes
libthunar-vfs-1-2 Yes Yes
libtie-ixhash-perl Yes
libtiff4-dev Yes
libtiffxx0c2 Yes
libtool Yes Yes
libtool-doc Yes Yes
libtotem-plparser10 Yes
libtotem-plparser12 Yes
libtracker-gtk0 Yes
libts-0.0-0 Yes
libttf2 Yes
libtunepimp5 Yes
libudev0 Yes
libunicode0 Yes
libunicode-dev Yes Yes
libuniconf4.4 Yes
libunique-1.0-0 Yes
libusb-dev Yes
libuser1 Yes Yes
libuser1-dev Yes Yes
libuuid-perl Yes
libv4l-0 Yes
libvcdinfo0 Yes
libvisual-0.4-plugins Yes
libvlc0 Yes
libvncserver0 Yes
libvolume-id0 Yes
libvolume-id1 Yes
libvorbis-dev Yes
libwbclient0 Yes
libwmf0.2-7-gtk Yes
libwmf-dev Yes
libwnn0 Yes Yes
libwnn-dev Yes Yes
libwrap0-dev Yes
libwvstreams4.4-base Yes
libwvstreams4.4-extras Yes
libwww-dev Yes Yes
libwww-doc Yes Yes
libwww-ssl0 Yes Yes
libwxbase2.6-0 Yes
libwxgtk2.6-0 Yes
libx11-dev Yes
libx11-xcb1 Yes
libx264-57 Yes
libxau-dev Yes
libxcb1-dev Yes
libxcb-render0 Yes
libxcb-render-util0 Yes
libxcb-shape0 Yes
libxcb-shm0 Yes
libxcb-xlib0 Yes
libxcb-xlib0-dev Yes
libxcb-xv0 Yes
libxcomposite-dev Yes
libxcursor-dev Yes
libxdamage-dev Yes
libxdmcp-dev Yes
libxerces27 Yes Yes
libxerces27-dev Yes Yes
libxerces27-doc Yes Yes
libxerces2-java Yes
libxevie1 Yes
libxext-dev Yes
libxfce4gui4-4 Yes
libxfce4gui4-dev Yes
libxfce4mcs-client3 Yes Yes
libxfce4mcs-dev Yes Yes
libxfce4mcs-manager3 Yes Yes
libxfce4util4 Yes Yes
libxfce4util-dev Yes Yes
libxfcegui4-4 Yes
libxffm3-common Yes
libxffm4 Yes
libxffm4-applications Yes
libxffm4-book Yes
libxffm4-filemanager Yes
libxffm4-fstab Yes
libxffm4-icons Yes
libxffm4-locate Yes
libxffm4-proc Yes
libxffm4-recent Yes
libxffm4-samba Yes
libxffm4-trash Yes
libxffm-gui3 Yes
libxfixes-dev Yes
libxft-dev Yes
libxi-dev Yes
libxine1 Yes Yes
libxine1-bin Yes
libxine1-console Yes
libxine1-ffmpeg Yes
libxine1-misc-plugins Yes
libxine1-plugins Yes
libxine1-x Yes
libxine-main1 Yes
libxinerama-dev Yes Yes
libxml2-dev Yes
libxml-namespacesupport-perl Yes
libxml-sax-expat-perl Yes
libxml-sax-perl Yes
libxml-xpath-perl Yes
libxmu-dev Yes
libxmu-headers Yes
libxosd2 Yes
libxp-dev Yes
libxplc0.3.13 Yes
libxpm-dev Yes
libxrandr-dev Yes
libxrender-dev Yes
libxslt1-dev Yes Yes
libxt-dev Yes
libxvidcore4 Yes
libzip1 Yes
libzvbi0 Yes
libzvbi-common Yes

KDE Stuff

After installing and checking, yes, all of these were added by installing kde-base, and kbd gets removed by installing console-tools.

Package Old Curr New
kaddressbook Yes
kamera-kde4 Yes
kappfinder Yes
karm Yes
kate Yes
kate-kde4 Yes
kbd Yes
kbdcompat Yes
kcontrol Yes
kdbg Yes Yes
kde4libs-bin Yes
kdeartwork Yes Yes
kdeartwork-emoticons Yes
kdeartwork-misc Yes
kdeartwork-style Yes
kdeartwork-theme-icon Yes
kdeartwork-theme-window Yes
kdebase Yes Yes
kdebase-bin Yes
kdebase-bin-kde3 Yes
kdebase-bin-kde4 Yes
kdebase-data Yes
kdebase-data-kde4 Yes
kdebase-kio-plugins Yes
kdebase-plasma-kde4 Yes
kdebase-runtime Yes
kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4 Yes
kdebase-runtime-data Yes
kdebase-runtime-data-common Yes
kdebase-workspace-bin Yes
kdebase-workspace-data Yes
kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 Yes
kde-icons-oxygen Yes
kdelibs4c2a Yes
kdelibs5 Yes
kdelibs5-data Yes
kdelibs-data Yes
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins-kde4 Yes
kdepasswd Yes
kdepim-kio-plugins Yes
kdepim-kresources Yes
kdepimlibs5 Yes
kdepimlibs-data Yes
kdepim-wizards Yes
kdeprint Yes
kdesktop Yes
kdesudo Yes
kdesudo-kde4 Yes
kdewallpapers Yes
kde-window-manager Yes
kdm-kde4 Yes
kfind Yes
khelpcenter Yes
khelpcenter-kde4 Yes
kicker Yes
klipper Yes
klipper-kde4 Yes
kmail Yes
kmenuedit Yes
kmilo-kde4 Yes
kmix-kde4 Yes
knetworkconf-kde4 Yes
knotes Yes
konqueror Yes
konqueror-kde4 Yes
konqueror-nsplugins Yes
konqueror-nsplugins-kde4 Yes
konsole Yes
konsole-kde4 Yes
kontact Yes
kopete-kde4 Yes
korganizer Yes
kpager Yes
kpersonalizer Yes
kppp-kde4 Yes
krb5-config Yes Yes
krdc-kde4 Yes
krfb-kde4 Yes
kscd-kde4 Yes
kscreensaver Yes
ksmserver Yes
ksnapshot-kde4 Yes
ksplash Yes
ksysguard Yes
ksysguardd Yes
ksysguardd-kde4 Yes
ksysguard-kde4 Yes
ktip Yes
kubuntu-artwork-usplash Yes
kubuntu-default-settings Yes
kubuntu-docs Yes
kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts Yes
kwalletmanager-kde4 Yes
kwin Yes
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