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Blue Waters Undergraduate Petascale Modules


    These curricular materials are designed to enable the teaching and use of parallel and high-performance computing in the undergraduate science or engineering classroom. The development and testing of these materials has been funded by the Blue Waters Undergraduate Petascale Education Program and the Shodor Education Foundation.

    These modules are part of a larger collection, information about the other modules can be found here.

    Blue Waters is the computational resource being provisioned by IBM and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When it comes on-line in 2011 it is expected to be the one of the world's most powerful computational resources. Blue Waters will have a peak performance of approximately 10 petaflops (10 quadrillion calculations per second) and will achieve sustained performance of 1 petaflop running a range of science and engineering software. More information about Blue Waters can be found here.



      A summary of Petakit. Includes a brief description of PetaKit's infrastructure and a general explanation of its use. PetaKit's run manager StatKit is included so students can use it to collect performance data from their own programs into a local text file. They can then visualize it with Microsoft Excel or PlotKit, a wrapper for Gnuplot.

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      PetaKit's Web-based visualization tool. VizualizeIt uses a simple HTML form interface to allow a user to select the data in which he or she is interested, which VisualizeIt then graphs and prints to the screen.


Last updated: August 7, 2010