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  • Supercomputing Conference - SC07 (http://supercomputing.org) took place in Reno, Nevada during early November, 2007. Kevin Hunter, Alex Lemann, and Charlie Peck were part of the leadership of the 4 day Education Program, a group of our students (Fitz, Nate, Brad, and Bryan) won the Education Program's Science Programming Contest (Earlham's press release), and Skylar Thompson stopped-by to help us with tech work for a couple of days. November, 2007.

  • Intel Promotional Materials - In conjunction with the cluster Intel donated to Earlham (Intel's announcement) they have published a video and a case study describing the contest and what we're doing with the cluster at Earlham and beyond.

    The video is available in either (Windows Media) or (Quick Time), the case study is here (PDF). August, 2007.

  • SC Education Program - The Cluster Computing Group continues to be involved with the planning and delivery of the Supercomputing Conference's Education Program. Many of us are active on the SC07, SC08, and now SC09 committees. For SC07 Charlie Peck is doing technical infrastructure and teaching, Alex Lemann and Kevin Hunter will be teaching and providing technical support. For SC08 Alex and Kevin will be in charge of technical infrastructure and teaching, and Charlie will be teaching. Charlie has been asked to serve as chair of the SC09 Education Program. July, 2007.

  • Summer of Workshops - The Cluster Computing Group, in the persons of Alex Lemannm, Kevin Hunter, and Charlie Peck, are working with the SC Education program teaching week long workshops to groups of faculty across the country this summer. Most of the workshops were for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics faculty. In partnership with the Humanities Research Institute at UC Irvine and The San Diego Supercomputer Center we will also offer our first workshop on computational tools for humanities, arts and social science faculty. This season we'll teach workshops at:

    • San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego (March and July)
    • University of Texas at El Paso (May)
    • Lafayette College (NITLE, June)
    • Crownpoint Navajo Reservation (July)

  • One of the local NPR affiliates, WMUB in Oxford, Ohio, interviewed Charlie about computational science and science education. The MP3 is available here. February, 2007
  • I-Light Connection, Indiana's high bandwidth fiber network, January, 2007
  • Genesi and Freescale donation, December, 2006 (University of Northern Iowa's press release)
  • Intel cluster donation (Earlham's press release) and Intel's announcement, December 2006.
  • The Register article about Acme/LittleFe, November, 2006. "Warning: This story will have minimal cynicism and sarcasm. It may reveal good-natured nerds."

  • Krell award for LittleFe, January, 2006
  • HPCWire article about computational science education/LittleFe, October, 2005
  • Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Parallel Processing 2004 Best Poster Award ( press release text, official version with picture, SIAM News).