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Earlham College Cluster Computing Group

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  • Charles Peck
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science at Earlham College.

    Research Interests: parallel programming and cluter computing, computational science/thinking and CS curriculum reform.

    Charlie is the nominal leader of the Cluster Computing Group. He splits his time between the CCG, the Hardware Interfacing/Green Science Projects, and teaching computer science at Earlham College.

Current Students

  • Ivan Babic (Computer Science major, Earlham College)

  • Mobeen Ludin (Computer Science major, Earlham College)

  • John Schuerger (Computer Science major, Earlham College)

Other Active Members

  • Andrew Fitz Gibbon (Computational Science Mentor, Shodor Education Foundation)

  • Samuel Leeman-Munk (Computational Science Mentor, Shodor Education Foundation)

  • Skylar Thompson (Sysadmin, University of Washington, Genomic Sciences Department)

  • Aaron Weeden (CS Post-Bacc, Earlham College)


Over the years the following people have made significant contributions to the CCG. Without their energy, ideas, and enthusiasm we would not have made it very far.

  • Alex Lemann
  • Kevin Hunter (Duke University)
  • Tobias McNulty
  • John Schaefer
  • Josh McCoy (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Josh Hursey (Indiana University -> Post Doc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Chip Yeakey
  • Hassan Halta
  • Abby Ge
  • Ned Bingham
  • Levent Besik
  • Aaron Cayard-Roberts (Earlham College)
  • Porter Schermerhorn (Amazon)
  • Will Dyson
  • Ben Bartlett
  • Ben Miller
  • Dusko Koncaliev
  • Karl Kuntz
  • Ray Ontko (DoxPop)