rRNA Blast searches

Up to the best 10 hits to the rRNA database are shown below.

Entries with semi-colons are from the Silva rRNA database. Entries with double colons in them are from the University of Texas database.

Count Percent of reads Hit
2360 0.1% DISTINCT (or unique) QUERIES. This is the overall match rate to the rRNA database.
61 0.0% Bacteria;Actinobacteria;Rubrobacteria;Solirubrobacterales;Conexibacteraceae;Conexibacter;ConexibacterCP001854.3761310.3764306
56 0.0% uncultured_Acidobacteria_bacterium::AY281352::01183
56 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedAY281352.1317.4184
52 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260700.17519.20515
49 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260710.29735.32730
48 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260704.8144.11130
45 0.0% Bacteria;Proteobacteria;Gammaproteobacteria;Xanthomonadales;Xanthomonadaceae;groundwaterADIG01001062.57473.60372
43 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260709.24620.27608
42 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260712.22677.25665
39 0.0% Bacteria;Acidobacteria;23k22;unculturedGT260705.14097.17089

The first column is the count of the number of queries -- reads, contigs, etc. -- that match to the rRNA entry in the database. The second column is the percentage of the total queries (2027498) of minimum length 50 that were used. These queries represent 2 percent of the total starting queries. The blast evalue was 0.00000001 and up to 5 descriptions were retained for each hit.There were 2360 distinct queries. A given query could match to multiple rRNA database entries and thus be counted multiple times. However when summing up the queries for an overall match number any given query is counted once.

781018 lines of Blast output were examined of which 752059 lines had aligments of at least 50 bases.

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